Getting Referrals

Anthony Spallone -

Are you ready for one of the most valuable pieces of advice we’ll provide throughout this entire training series? You sure you’re ready? Your single most valuable resource of gaining new clients is….YOUR OTHER CLIENTS! Getting recommendations from your existing clients is the key to unlocking a steady stream of business. Ask any business owner!
Nothing’s more valuable than a word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend or colleague. Think about it. Say you need someone to fix your computer. You’ll probably ask a few friends who they used, before searching online. If you’re starting a new job, you probably want to ask your coworkers for lunch recommendations - they can give you the honest truth about what spots are the best.
The same concept will apply with your website creation clients! So, after you have acquired a few customers, you want to maximize the good relationships you have with them and the quality services you have provided, in order to help spread the word about your name. This will help you get more clients and build your business. Here are a few tips on keeping clients happy to increase your chances of getting referrals: DO appreciate your client’s time.
Don’t be late for meetings and don’t waste their time. DON’T bombard them with multiple emails or calls. Instead, consolidate your questions and notes into one organized email, with a clear subject line. DO start small. Build the foundation of your new business by focusing on just one or two clients so you can be attentive and provide them with truly excellent service.
DON’T try to push people to buy services that they don’t need. Clients will appreciate when you give them tips for saving money and it will be worthwhile for you in the long run because it will earn you their trust. DO take the time to make them feel special and important to you. You want to give them the feeling that you are easy to work with and will be able to provide them with what it is they need, hassle-free.
Try to accommodate their schedule rather than making them work around yours. For example, if they want to speak at 8pm (after their business is closed for the day), find a way to do that. DO follow up and make good on any promises made. If you say you’ll look into something and get back to them later - do it! DON’T let too much time pass without checking in. Mark your calendar. Even after you have finished working with a client, it’s important to check in with them to see how the business is going and if they are happy with their new website.
If they need additional services or updates, be willing to spend a few hours for free in making those updates. Think of this time as an investment in getting future clients. DO know your strengths and be able to compensate for your weaknesses with good research. Be honest about what you can and cannot provide. If a potential client or customer asks a question you can’t answer, tell them you will get back to them. Now let’s end this class with a quick recap and some resources.
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