Quick Recap

Anthony Spallone -

Let’s review what we learned about how to find our first few clients as a freelance web professional: We discussed 3 methods or places to look in order to find our first few clients: friends and family, getting our butts out of our chairs to hit the pavement, and job listing sites.
We looked at how to do some research by conducting an Online Presence Audit. This concluded with a Summary Assessment that prepared us for our first point of contact with a potential client. We then reviewed the different ways to contact clients for the first time, focusing on how important it is to present ourselves as dedicated professionals. We then briefly discussed sending Proposals and Contracts, with a link to our class on Pricing & Proposals for more info.
Lastly, we talked about the power of getting referrals! We provided some Do’s and Don’ts for keeping clients happy and more likely to recommend you to their own networks of friends and colleagues. Satisfied customers will spread your name. Exceeding expectations will help you build a portfolio of VERY happy customers. This concludes the Basic Training for you to become a Wix Webmaster!
I hope you found class helpful! Be sure to take the exercises, and prepare to receive your Wix Webmaster Certification! You can continue the discussion in the Comments section below. And about that BYOB thing I mentioned earlier...like I said, BYOB stands for Becoming Your Own Boss. It’s a series of classes you’ll find later on your journey inside WixEd.
There, we’re offering tips on what it takes to become your own boss - such as how to stay motivated, how to price your services and even how to grow your business. But that’s for later...until we meet again, Good Luck!
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