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Customers are central to a business’ success and understanding them makes it easier to address their pain points and keep them happy. That’s why we previously introduced Chat Ratings andAnalytics that enables businesses to take a closer look at how their support team is performing in meeting customer needs. However, there’s still a gap. While we have a better sense of customer satisfaction, we don’t actually know what they are talking about or what their chief concerns are.

There are a wide range of problems customers face when interacting with your business. But without the proper tools and systems, it can be difficult to identify the issues that trouble them the most. This information is important. Identifying the problems that your customers most frequently face can help you find weaknesses in your product or service so you can improve.

Introducing Chat Tags

Chat Tags is a simple way to keep all your chats organized. Think of them as little labels you attach to each chat which can then be used to identify the content of conversations quickly.

Zopim Chat Tags


The ability to tag your chats will keep conversations organized and easily identifiable. The clear advantage is in knowing the topics which are predominantly raised by your customers, and acting on that knowledge.

Chat Tags are great for both admins and agents. Admins can obtain an overview of chat conversation topics by viewing the 10 most popular tags in a week. Agents can easily tag chats either automatically using Shortcuts, or manually by selecting tags from a predefined list.

Top Chat Tags

View your most popular tags over the last week

Improve Your Business

A world without Chat Tags is a messy one. With the large amount of chats that businesses handle daily, conversation topics are easily lost. This means you lose insight into what your customers are talking about and miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable feedback about your business.

In the case of an e-commerce business, tagging your chats lets you see when a particular topic is referenced more frequently than others. For example, if the “billing_issue” tag constantly appears in the list of  most popular chat tags, then perhaps you should look into improving the payment flow for customers.

Add Chat Tags either manually or automatically

Add tags as you chat using Shortcuts, or select your tags from the Chat Panel on the right.


Chat Tags are also a great tool for picking up on customer trends that can be worked into your business strategy. If customers are constantly inquiring about a product, that Chat Tag will be particularly popular and a suitable response strategy (such as increasing production) can be developed.

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Identify Trends On Zendesk Insights

You can even expand the potential of Chat Tags with an integration with Zendesk. If you use both Zopim and Zendesk then your Chat Tags will automatically be sent to your Zendesk account upon ticket creation. Custom reports can then be generated in Zendesk Insights to understand your customers’ pain points in depth.

By establishing a tagging system, you will be able to observe trends that will provide insight into your support operation. For example, by tagging conversations by customer type (that is if customers are new or existing), you will be able to notice when chats are predominantly initiated by new customers and when existing customers need your help most. Similarly, you can see how the customer satisfaction for these two customer segments change over time and correlate it to factors like response or wait times.

Try Chat Tags Today

It’s important to listen to what your customers are trying to say. Do so with Chat Tags.


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