Getting Started: How it works

Anthony Spallone -


So. This is your first time dealing with Arctic Grey, right?

Ok, let me give you a heads up so you're not caught off guard like a Politian in a Hotel Room.

If you haven't already noticed, we do things differently. We think you'd agree that dealing with most companies can be stuffy, too corporate, completely lacks any element of fun and has a mediocre service at best.

The number one thing that makes Arctic Grey different is that we give a f#ck... excuse me, I shouldn’t have said it like that… (smile) we give a FLYING f#ck! That’s one of the most powerful f#cks to give. (smile)

Our ways are a bit unorthodox, we know this, but that's by DESIGN. We are so damn passionate about top quality everything, that we decided to start completely from scratch and threw industry standards right out the window.

The truth of the matter is this; we strive to be the best at everything we do; web development, branding, video animation, marketing, SEO, customer service and loads more.

So here’s what we can offer you to get a true gauge of what it’s like to work with Arctic Grey. Demo our services for FREE and see what we can do before paying a dime! We will create a custom front page design of your new website from scratch, and we won't charge you a damn cent.

We will show you such an exquisite website design that you'll have no choice but to believe that Picasso and Matisse are still living today, and are now web developers at Arctic Grey.

The best part about this whole thing is that you’ll get a full overview of what it’s like to work with us prior to making any financial decisions. Experience our customer service, response time, quality of work and see if we hit our deadlines, all before making any payments.

I know what you’re thinking, Arctic Grey is the sh#t, right!?!?

So get started today > 


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