Step 2: Send your sh#t over to us and please for the love of god, keep it organized as f#ck!

Anthony Spallone -

Once all of your content is organized as f#ck, you can send it over to



Send your sh#t Via Email:

Submitting everything by email requires you to dedicate 1 email per page submitted. For example, lets say you want to send over the content for your home page, you'll send us an email specifically for everything pertaining to your home page, and only the home page.

  1. Email Subject, must include the following:

    a) Company Name
    b) Page Name
    c) Number of Pages included in the Proposal

    The subject of the email should look something like this:


  2. Email Body, must include the following:

    a) A message to the designer telling them how amazing Arctic Grey, Inc. is and how you will name your children after people from the company.

    b) A note explaining what is included in the email. 

    c) A Sitemap, laying out all of the pages of the site

    d) All of the content needed for that given page of the site. 

    The body of the email should look something like this:


Step 3: Feedback | Revisions & Approvals >



Note: We will not begin the project until all content for all pages have been submitted in an organized manor. 


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