Helping Out

Anthony Spallone -

If you are here to help others, you can view a quick list of unanswered topics by using the "No Replies" link at the bottom of the front page. The "No Replies" filter is often used by folks to find questions to answer next. This is also a good reason why nobody should bump their topics. Bumping is discouraged and bumps may be deleted by the moderators.

If you're helping out, do your best to fully assist the person having the issues, and don't use your support as an excuse to promote your own site/themes/plugins. That behavior is frowned upon.

Similarly, we ask that you not demand payment, solicit work, or take the conversation to a private location. The point of helping out on the forums is to help out on the forums. Remember, we don't this to happen. Leave something for the next person who has the same problem.

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