Part 5: Organizing customers

Anthony Spallone -

To help manage your support workflow, you can add each of your customers to one or more organizations. You can then provide different types of support for each organization.

The default organization a user belongs to is associated with every ticket they create and can be used to automate how incoming tickets are handled.

Common uses of organizations include supporting a service level agreement you have with customers, tracking and managing tickets by company names or email domain, and by location or language.

You can also use organizations as a way to control access to tickets in Zendesk. You can allow specific users to see all the other tickets in their organization, which gives them visibility into support issues that affect the entire organization. Doing this may prevent additional tickets from being created for a support issue that affects an entire organization (for example, an essential application being temporarily unavailable to everyone).

You can also add agents to organizations. You might do this to restrict an agent's access to only tickets from a specific organization (Note: you can also restrict an agent's access to the tickets in a specific group). And you can automatically assign tickets from an organization to a specific group.

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