Part 1: Organizing tickets and users

Anthony Spallone -

In the previous lesson, we introduced views. Views are used to organize all your tickets at all stages in the ticket life cycle. In this lesson, we'll take a more in-depth look at how views can be used to organize your tickets. We'll also look at the tools you have available for organizing users. Your users include both your customers and your support staff.

Let's begin with views.

Views are essential for managing the ticket workflow because they enable you to create meaningful groupings of tickets as they progress through the ticket lifecycle.

Zendesk provides some pre-defined, editable views. These views were created for the essential day-to-day running of your Zendesk and are based on customer service best practices.

You can see the list of views when you click the Views icon () in the sidebar. Every Zendesk account contains these views to get you started: 

Since views organize tickets based on a ticket's properties, a ticket can appear in more than one view. For example, a new ticket can appear in theUnassigned tickets, All unsolved tickets, New tickets in your groups, andUnsolved tickets in your groups views. This is because a new ticket meets all the criteria for how these views were defined.

You can create new views or modify the existing views to suit your needs.

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