Part 1: From support requests to tickets

Anthony Spallone -

Regardless of the type of customer support you provide, the one constant for all support organizations is that customers seek you out to help them resolve their issues. Here are some of the options that your customers have for contacting you:

  • Send an email
  • Fill out a support request form in your Zendesk support portal
  • Fill out a support request form on your own web site
  • Call you on the telephone
  • Text chat with you
  • Send you a tweet
  • Post on your Facebook wall

All of these communication options are referred to as channels in Zendesk. You decide what channels you want to enable in your Zendesk and how your customers can reach you.

You can open even more ways of communicating with your customers by adding Apps to your Zendesk. These give you additional functionality and connect you to many popular internet products and services such as Salesforce, JIRA, and SugarCRM.

All support requests, from all channels, become tickets in your Zendesk. Tickets capture your customer's initial request for support and all the conversations your agents have with the customer along the way to solving their support issue.

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