What about my widgets? Will they automatically move over?

Anthony Spallone -

In the new version of Zendesk, Widgets are now called apps. You can navigate to them by going to Settings (the cog icon) in the left hand sidebar and clicking on apps; this will be where you’ll find not only Public Apps (formerly known as Native Widgets), but also the Private Apps you create specifically for your account.

Note that any end-user-facing Widgets on your customer portal should be unaffected by moving to the new agent interface.

At launch, most of the integrations you’ve come to know like Salesforce, Harvest, Freshbooks, etc., will be available to install in the new agent interface.  To see all of the apps that are available, please visit our new Apps page, or log into your account, click Admin (the cog icon in the bottom left corner), and select Apps > Browse.

If Zendesk or a (Zendesk partner) has created agent-facing Widgets for you, however, these will need to be migrated to the new apps framework.  Please reach out to your Account Manager, who can provide assistance, or see Evaluating your widgets before moving to the new Zendesk.

If you have created custom Widgets of your own that are agent-facing, they cannot be automatically migrated to the new agent interface. These widgets will require modification in order to work with the new app framework.  We’ve created documentation to explain how to modify your Widgets to work as apps in the new agent interface, and we’re also holding a series of webinars with office hours where you can ask specific questions about the new framework. And of course, you can always contact our Customer Advocate team for help.

Yes! Any macros, triggers, automations or targets that you’ve built in the Classic version will be available and completely functional in the new Zendesk agent interface.

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