What does it cost to purchase a Bulk Hour Package?

Anthony Spallone -

The great thing about buying bulk hours is that there is no expiration. For example, if you purchased a 30 hour block of time and only used 15 hours this month, you can use that remaining 15 hours at anytime in the future, whether its days, weeks, months or even years later. They simply do not expire.

Purchasing bulk hours is like having a design/development team on demand and at your fingertips, we're here the moment you need us.

Pricing below:

• 1 Hour: $97/Hour
• 5 Hours: $92/Hour
• 10 Hours: $87/Hour
• 15 Hours: $82/Hour
• 20 Hours: $77/Hour
• 30 Hours: $72/Hour
• 40 Hours: $67/Hour
• 50 Hours: $62/Hour
• 60 Hours: $57/Hour

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