Step 3: Feedback | Revisions & Approvals

Anthony Spallone -

Once we have made a significant amount of progress with your project, we will be sending you an update with links and/or attachments of the work that has been completed. 


Example of Positive Feedback: 

If everything is good to go, just respond in the same thread that the updates were sent in, you can say something like this:

"You guys are all f#cking geniuses and all deserve a raise because you have seriously blown my mind."  


Example of Negative Feedback: 

If you have revisions or additions you'd like to make to the work that has been delivered, it's important to provide constructive feedback explaining in detail what you don't like and how you'd like it changed. You can respond in the same thread that the updates were sent in, you can say something like this:

"Hey f#ck face, someone over there should get egged for a solid hour for sending me this crap. You totally missed the mark. It's like I went to a restaurant, ordered a steak and you brought me a f#cking race horse, a wheel barrow and a solar panel from a satellite. What the hell?  

Here is what I want:

In Section 1: of the home page Where it currently says "XYZ", lets change that to "ABC" and move it down a little bit and increase the size of the font so it's more legible... etc."


Once you submit your feedback, we will continue forward with the rest of the project if everything is good to go. 


If we f#cked up and need to make revisions, we will start by throwing a dozen cartons of eggs at the development team that has been working on your project and we may even send you a video of this to cheer you up a bit. Then we will go straight to work and won't stop until everything is perfect and exactly how you like it. 

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