Part 7: User roles

Anthony Spallone -

So far we've talked about agents and customers. These are the two primary user roles involved in support transactions. Customers have issues that need to be fixed and agents fix them. However, there are several other user roles within Zendesk that you should be aware of.

First, be aware that the term customer is often used interchangeably withend-user. You'll see both used in the Zendesk interface and in our documentation and training. Both refer to the people who use your Zendesk to request support.

Now let's look at the support staff roles within Zendesk. You know about theagent role. Agents primarily solve tickets. However, you can assign specific permissions to agents to control their access to the different parts of your Zendesk. For example, you can allow just a few agents to manage and moderate your Help Center.

In addition to agents, there is the administrator role. You can have one or many administrators in your Zendesk account. You can think of this role as the manager of your Zendesk. They set up your Zendesk with the channels you want to support, define new shared views, manage users, and so on.

If you originally created your Zendesk account, you are the account owner. This role is the super administrator role and can do everything that's possible to do in Zendesk.

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