Part 3: Segmenting agents and their tickets with groups

Anthony Spallone -

You may have noticed that several of the pre-defined views refer to groups. In Zendesk you organize your agents into groups. When you assign a ticket to an agent you're also assigning it to a group that the agent belongs to (agents can belong to more than one group).

You can also assign a ticket to just a group and not a specific agent within the group. Doing this allows the agents within that group to determine who should be assigned to the ticket.

You can create groups of agents for any reason you'd like. Typically, groups are used to organize agents by specialty or expertise (product support vs advanced support for example) or by location or language.

You can create views that list all the tickets assigned to each of your groups.

It's up to you to think about how you want to organize your tickets and the views your team needs. For example, if you only have a few agents, you might just need an "Unassigned" view where agents can pick tickets to work on. If you have a larger team, it might be a good idea to set up views for each group and have tickets routed accordingly.

Think about how you want to manage you ticket queue and then create the views and groups you need to support that workflow.

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