We love the new agent interface - as an admin, how can I make sure my entire team is using it?

Anthony Spallone -

Glad to hear it!  Please contact our Customer Advocate team, and they can make the new agent interface the default for your team.

As an admin, can I enable the new agent interface for just part of my team?  I’d like some of them to use Classic, and others to be using the new interface.

All of your agents will need to have the same default interface - either the new Zendesk, or Classic. However, if there are specific agents on your team who you’d like to try out the new Zendesk, you can leave the default set to Classic, and they can simply add /agent to the end of the url once they are logged into Zendesk.  For example, if you see mondocam.zendesk.com when you are logged in, change the url to mondocam.zendesk.com/agent to access the new interface.

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