Applying Page Permissions

Anthony Spallone -

Choose who has access to your site's pages.

  • You may want to restrict access to some of your pages to only those people who have a password or are approved site members. 
  • To apply permissions to a page:

Click the Pages Menu from the top bar of the Editor.
Click the relevant page.
Click the Show More icon .
Click Settings .
Click the Permissions tab.
Select one of the following options:No restrictions: The page is public and open to all visitors.
Password protection: Visitors need to enter a password to view the page. Enter a password and then select the language for the login screen.
Members only: Visitors need to register as site members to view the page. Select the language for the registration process.
Click Done


Important: If you select Members Only, be sure to add a Member Login button to your site.

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