What if Arctic Grey Inc. thinks you have a good idea?

Anthony Spallone -

First, go out to dinner and celebrate, cause you're a f#cking genius! If we like your idea, we will pay for up to 70% of your f#cking website! Holy sh#t!!!
You’re probably thinking, “these guys sound like a$$holes! why would they pay for 70 frickin percent of my website!?!?!”
Answer: Duh! We’d take 10% to 50% of everything you make through the website we build. We’re taking huge risk doing this, hoping your sh#tty idea actually makes some money, most fail, yours probably will too. So, if you’re approved for our investment program, we basically build your site at/or below cost and from there we want to make sure we get our money. Basically, we have to build your site so ridiculously awesome that people want to spend money so we can get paid, you know for being idiots and investing in some random person who filled out a form online.
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