Can't Open the Wix Editor

Anthony Spallone -

If you are unable to load the the Editor, please follow the steps below:


1. Open the Editor in another browser.

  • For supported browsers, click here


2. Use another internet connection.

  • Sometimes the router or your network's firewall may block the connection. Using another internet connection allows you to test whether this is the problem.
  • If you have access to your router and modem, connect to the modem directly (i.e., plug the ethernet cable from your modem into your computer) to see if the router is causing the issue.  


3. Open another Editor from another Wix site.

  • If you don't have another site, please go to the Templates page of and try to edit a new template.  


4. Check any Antivirus and Firewall software.

  • This may be blocking the Editor from opening. Temporarily disable them (for 2-3 minutes) and try to open the Editor. 


5. Disable all browser extensions.

  • Please disable all the extensions you have enabled in one of the browsers and try to open the Editor.
  • If you have Google Chrome installed, you can open a new Incognito window ( Ctrl+Shift+n in Windows) and log in to your Wix account. 


Important: If after following these steps, you are still unable to open the Editor, please submit a ticket below. Make sure to tell us which of the above steps you've already tried so that we can continue to assist you in resolving the problem.

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