What are Zopim Credits?

Anthony Spallone -

Here at Zopim, we have our own currency called “Zopim Credits”. Zopim Credits have no monetary or cash value and can only be used to pay for your future Zopim bills. For example, if you have 14 Zopim Credits, you can buy one agent on our Basic package for one month.


How do I get Zopim Credits?

You can get Zopim Credits in a number of different ways, including by:

  • Redeeming coupons,
  • Receiving Zopim Credits through promotional campaigns,
  • Downgrading from a higher priced subscription to a lower one (e.g. from Advanced to Basic), or
  • Referring other customers (see our Referral Program)


When do Zopim Credits expire?

Any Zopim Credits in your account will expire 12 months after you receive them. But if you make any transaction using the Zopim Credits or if you receive more, the expiration date will reset for another 12 months.

Zopim Credits are non-transferable.


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