Adding Zopim Live Chat to your Website

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Before your visitors can start chatting with you, you’ll need to embed the Zopim live chat widget onto your website. Watch the video or follow the steps below to get started:



Embedding the Zopim Live Chat Widget

To make Zopim Live Chat available to your site's visitors, you need to add the Zopim script to your HTML source code.

1. Log into the Zopim Dashboard.

2. Click on "Widget", located on the bottom left side.

3. Copy the Zopim embed script.



4. Log into your website editor.

5. Find the section labelled "edit HTML" or something similar.

6. Look for the header tags (<head> and </head>) in your HTML.

7. Paste the live chat script in between the header tags (either right after the <head> tag or right before the </head> tag.

8. Save and publish your changes.

9. Refresh your website and Zopim should be visible.


See More: If you are using a website management service (such as WordPress) check out our guides here.


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